C Smart Plywood Buying Guide by India’s Leading Plywood Expert Akhilesh Chitlangia
Possibly the ONLY Book, That Guarantees to...

Resolve All
Your Plywood

Discover the Secrets only the Plywood Experts Know to Find
the ‘Right’ Plywood for Your Home or an Upcoming Project.

Are you looking for Plywood for your home or a project
and facing following or similar challenges?

I don’t know what is the best plywood choice for my interior!

Is the plywood I am buying is of the best quality available?

Should I buy the branded plywood or is it ok to buy an unbranded one?

What different types and grades of plywood are available in the market?

Is the dealer selling me the right plywood that I need?

What quality aspects should I keep in mind while buying?

Breath easy! Because this book will answers
all these and many more such queries

Smart Plywood Buying Guide

Penned by India’s Leading Plywood Expert Akhilesh Chitlangia

India’s plywood market is highly unorganized with tones of misleading information getting uploaded on the internet daily .

Hence, it becomes a huge task for people to choose the right plywood for their woodwork. This is where the book will help you.

The book reveals all the information that you’re desperately looking for, all the insights you need today and all the secrets only the plywood experts know.

Leading Industry Experts recommend this book

"The depth and simplicity of this book is amazing. Akhilesh’s true intention for ensuring that each house has good quality plywood is truly reflected in this book."

Akshar Yadav
Creator of Get Overbooked, New Delhi

"With so many choices in the Plywood market, you never know what you are really buying. Not anymore – this book provides insight that is a MUST for anyone wanting good quality solutions for their woodwork."

Architect Naveen Gandhi
B.G. Associates, Jaipur

“There is so much misinformation about our industry; thank you, Akhilesh, for this amazing book to guide customers in the right direction”

Vishal Jhawar
Plywood Distributors, New Delhi
What you’ll discover inside the pages...

The Challenge of Buying the Right Quality Plywood (The most pressing issue you might be facing) – Page 17

Myth of Branded Plywood being Expensive (90% of plywood dealers won’t like you to discover it) – Page 24

Identifying The Right Plywood for You – Page 33

Who is no. 1 eternal enemy of your wood-based products and how to mitigate it? – Page 27

Hidden secrets of plywood industries (Shh...) – Page 53

All and all... 50+ pages of Invaluable Insights that you won’t find anywhere else

Meet the Author – Akhilesh Chitlangia

India’s Leading Plywood Expert - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Duroply

Being in this industry for Eleven years and playing an important role in his family-run legacy plywood business – Duro Ply, Akhilesh has literally breathed and lived the plywood since birth.

Being a 3rd generation entrepreneur in the plywood industry himself, Akhilesh understands the hardship faced by the people while buying plywood and how one wrong decision can cost them dearly money-wise and time-wise.

Post-Reading This Book You Won’t Ever Be Making a Wrong Decision While Buying a Plywood.

Post Reading This Book You Won’t Ever Be Making a Wrong Decision While Buying a Plywood.

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